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DISC Introduction

There is no ideal leadership style. Rather than focusing on the ideal leader, use the tools in DISC Leadership training to recognize diversity of roles, situations and people to improve leadership skills. The most successful leaders are keenly self-aware and have the ability to adjust their leadership styles to meet the demands of diverse roles.

Different individuals and situations require different leadership DISC profiles. The DISC model describes the four-quadrant model of human behavior. Each quadrant is associated with a style D, I , S or C. Leaders possess a range of styles on the DISC Model. Each leadership style reflects the impact of the different DISC styles.
  • Course Modules
  • Introduction to DISC
  • DISC Questionnaire
  • DISC Styles
  • Determining Styles of Others
  • Mixing DISC Styles
  • DISC Styles
  • High D
  • High I
  • High S
  • High C
  • Leading DISC
  • Leading a High D
  • Leading a High I
  • Leading a High S
  • Leading a High C
  • Additional Resources
  • DISC Overview
  • Course Survey
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